Monday, 11 March 2013

Bucket List Update

I posted a blog entry in late December 2012 about my 2013 bucket list - not really resolutions as such but some things I would like to have achieved by the end of 2013.

So the list updates as follows:

Go on honeymoon to Athens - we fly out next Saturday (23rd)!!

Go to Paris and attach a padlock to the Pont de l'archeveche - not yet but hopefully in the second half of the year

Go to Birdworld - I discovered that for most of the year, only half the attractions at Birdworld are open, so this will be a summer thing.

Go to Edinburgh - not sure about fitting this in to the year but still desperate to go so hopefully I can!

Lose 24lbs - well, I have lost 12lbs so far :) very pleased with this. I have upped this to 42lbs total, but 24lbs over this year will be absolutely fantastic if I can get there, any maybe more besides, who knows!

Try at least 5 things from my Pinterest boards - I have done my eyebrows as per a Pinterest tutorial,  I currently do a work out that I pinned to my fitness board ages ago, and I made Chicken Alfredo lasagne as per a Pinterest recipe. Plenty more stuff to try out though!

Make some clothes with my sewing machine - I have recently purchased a drop leaf table which will give ne the space I need for cutting fabric and sewing. I am also going to do an online course in dressmaking which is only 45 dollars, to give me a good grounding in the basics!

Get back into cross stitching - I recently cross stitched an Xbox controller poster which was really cool!! I want to buy a few more kits too!

Take more photographs - with Instagram,  I am now taking a lot mpre photos, but I still need to work on this one!

Get a houseplant for every room - this is a fail so far, I have none!

Get at least 2 more tattoos - I have the next 3 planned out and intend to get one when we are back from honeymoon (my black cat)

So considering we are 3 months in, I dont think I am doing too badly!! A few more things to achieve and work on but getting there, I intend to make 2013 a great year! :)

Photo - my Pinterest tutorial eyebrows!

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