Sunday, 10 March 2013

Quick(!) Roundup of Stuff

I have been doing the One Room Cardio workout now for a couple of weeks (when I tweet about it, I use #cardiocircuit) and I am actually really enjoying it. It doesn't seem to get any easier... but I think that's a good thing because its clearly still very challenging. When I get to the point that it's easy, I will need to move onto something else, or at least increase the amount of reps for each exercise. If you have no clue what I am talking about, this is the workout, found on Pinterest and originally from BackOnPointe:

One thing I have found that helps when doing this work out, and one thing I would definitely recommend to anyone if you possibly can, is to work out in front of a mirror. It not a coincidence that gyms have loads of mirrors in them, and I think the reason is threefold - firstly, you are watching yourself work out and therefore can see if you are keeping good form when doing the movements. Secondly, you are watching yourself work out, and can therefore see what jiggles and what you hate, spurring you on to continue that little bit longer. And thirdly, you are watching yourself work out (see a pattern here...?) so you can see what jiggles much less than when you started and you can be seriously proud of your progress. All three are equally as important, I think, but the latter is a real motivation booster and I definitely recommend getting a mirror to work out in front of. I certainly feel really proud when I am doing a star jump and my belly jiggles less.

Sadly, this isnt me. Its from

My husband has been really good the past couple of weeks too, making me work out when I really don't want to. Its tough love but it works. I think I have done it 4x a week for the past 2 weeks and I'm aiming to keep up that pace (or better). If you have never checked out BackOnPointe I sincerely recommend that you do, she has some amazing work outs and advice. Most of the workouts I have pinned on my Pinterest Fitness board have come from her tumblr.

Other than working out, I FINALLY got my Leonid Afremov painting framed and on my wall!

 It looks amazing now its been stretched and framed, and I can finally enjoy it every day now its on my wall! What a wonderful present - I hope my future house will be absolutely full of them (we're going to need a lot of wall space....)

Lastly I have to give a mention to my new favourite thing and mini-obsession, My Neighbour Totoro! I watched this film for the first time last week and I ADORED it. So much so I have bought cute little Totoro and Black Soot keyrings, and a Totoro T shirt which no doubt will take forever to get here but I can't wait to get them! If you haven't seen the film I highly recommend it - it is subtitled but even for me who finds reading and watching impossible it was really easy to follow (it is a kids film afterall!!) 

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