Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Life Update and No Spend June - Completed!

Well, I did it! I spent barely a penny over my bills and essentials for a whole month! It was especially tough when drinking (I tend to buy completely random crap on eBay when drunk of a weekend, and I'm then very surprised when things turn up in the post the following week...) - but I really did it. I think I saved at least 250 pounds, if not more (obviously I don't really know what I would have spent, but around about that figure.) The main thing was taking my own lunch; there were only two days when I bought food while I was out at work because I'd forgotten to take the lunch I'd made - its not quite become a habit yet!

Unfortunately I am still poor... so I am still continuing with a similar mentality into July, though not quite as strict! I have a few things coming up this month so it may not go quite as according to plan, but I will do my best! I'm certainly still taking my own lunch and cutting down costs where I can.

In other life news, I have started a new course! Its called NEBOSH Health and Wellbeing. I'm not entirely sure what doors it will open for me yet, but it will benefit the job I currently do and its certainly very interesting - so even as just a personal interest subject it will be a nice qualification to have. I intend to do the NEBOSH General Certificate after completing this one, which is more of a health and safety qualification. We'll see where it leads to!

I have managed to talk Marty into going to Paris for our anniversary! We've never done much for "anniversaries" before, a few meals out or just a few celebratory drinks, but as this is our first proper married one I really wanted to go for something a bit more official. We're only going to stay overnight, but hopefully it will give us a chance to see the main sights. Marty is very much a "right I've seen that, what's next?" kind of guy, so we could probably do the whole of Paris in a day...! We'll be there on the 1st and 2nd of November, with the 2nd being our official anniversary. I desperately want to put a padlock on the love lock bridge at the Louvre so I am seriously excited about going! The Eurostar is decently priced too, if its far enough in advance. we can get there for about £140 quid return for the both of us, and with a hotel just for one night it should only be about £200. It seems quite expensive for what will basically be about 24 hours but it will be nice to actually do something romantic to mark the occasion. I also browsed for getting the train to Bruges and its the same price as Paris, so that might be our next little trip if I can do some more convincing... that may need to be next year though...!

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We've also finally got around to booking Belfast flights for our yearly family visit and we're going in mid-September. Hopefully we still get some decent weather and there's a chance for a few touristy things -  I really want to see the new Titanic museum as we never usually get much of a chance to actually go and see things (plus as Marty is from there originally, he's generally seen most stuff already!)

I have become obsessed with Despicable Me. After people were tweeting about it, I decided it was finally time to watch it, and I am so glad I did! Its without a doubt my favourite film of the moment, even overtaking My Neighbour Totoro! I am obsessed with the little minions, they are just adorable! We went to see Despicable Me 2 on opening weekend last weekend because I just couldn't wait any longer to see it! If you haven't seen either of them I highly recommend it, its the classic "kids film with adult references" style so there's something to keep the parents entertained too! I think we were the oldest people at the cinema who didn't have a kid in tow mind...

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I am also properly back on my diet and exercise now. I was never really off the diet, but it seems that for me to shift weight, its more down to exercising than what I eat. I stayed a similar weight but just wasn't losing any. So I am back on my exercise with my usual cardio circuit, which I think is still serving me well as an interval-training-style work out. I would love to lose another 6lbs by the start of the new football season, which is only a calendar month away now, so a big effort is needed!

Football news - well Yeovil have made a few signings but without seeing them I have no real idea of how decent they are going to be. Nothing has really made me sit up and think "wow that's a good signing" unlike last season with the likes of James Hayter, but I will reserve my judgement until I actually get to see them in the flesh. The major Yeovil news however is that the Chief Exec Martyn Starnes has LEFT!! I have NEVER liked Starnes - I could never really work out what is was that he actually did all day - the owners were still quite obviously pulling the strings, and Starnes just seemed to be their puppet that they'd wheel out with bad news or he'd do an interview every few months paying lip service to make it look like the club were "interacting with the fans". I for one am glad he is gone and I hope whoever replaces him has a good hard look at every area of the club, has some balls, and doesn't just become another yes man to the powers that be.

In general though club interaction has improved massively and its in no small part to the social media aspect, and of course, Gary Johnson. I cannot wait for the coming season - its going to be a complete roller-coaster but I hope we have some good times and we can just enjoy it, whatever happens. Our first game is away to Millwall - unfortunately somewhere I've already been, I was hoping for a real glamour first game but its maybe a chance to actually get some points on the board straight out the blocks, and its never a bad thing to revisit an old ground you've been to before.

This coming weekend I am staying over at my best friend's who I haven't seen in ages, to have a girly weekend with my other best friend and also to help her look for flats as she is thinking about moving down to London. It will be great to have a catch up and I hope there will be an excuse to get dolled up as I haven't really felt myself lately and I think it will do me a lot of good.

I think that's pretty much it, I don't think there's too much else going on but if there is I'll be sure to update!

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