Sunday, 18 May 2014

Scholl Express Pedi Review

You've seen the advert I'm sure - a woman with a slight amount of hard cracked skin on her heels uses this wonder tool - The Scholl Express Pedi and within a couple of seconds the hard skin is gone, leaving her with beautifully soft, summer sandal-ready feet. But what if your feet are worse than that? What if, say, your feet are absolutely atrocious with years and years of hard skin build up and hundreds of old blisters and calloused bits of skin because you wear ill fitting shoes so often? Hypothetically, of course...

Well, I own up. Those are my feet. They are atrocious, they are calloused with years of hard skin and they are ugly as hell. I tried the PedEgg but it wouldn't cut it. I tried pumice. I tried softening creams. Nothing would shift it. It got to the point where there were large parts of my feet I had reduced feeling in because it was that thick. Gross I know but I need to be honest here...

The Scholl Express Pedi retails at £29.99 which is an extortionate amount of money for what is mixture of a belt sander and an epilator for your feet. But Amazon had a sale on, and it was down to £19.99, and I get a bit of cash back if I buy through TopCashBack (seriously check that out if it means nothing to you, it's great if you shop a lot online). I thought, alright, I'll give it a go.

I cannot stress how bad my feet are so this is a real test of this product and a proper review!!

My (well used) Unit - Worn Out Already!!

Firstly the packaging. It's a plastic prison - one of those where you need scissors, or a scalpel or a hammer and chisel. Once you're in though, you get the unit as a whole, no need for assembly. Just pop the batteries in, and you're ready to go. 

It has a little swively section that's like a softer version of sandpaper that you place gently on your hard skin, for a recommended 2-3 seconds. Our survey said? NER NER!! If you have bad hard skin, you're talking 2-3 MINUTES per section. This is time-consuming stuff. It doesn't hurt though, more just tickles, and there's no worry about making your feet sore. I started on my left heel first. It took a good 10 minutes or so to make any inroads, BUT I did make inroads, and that was a massive improvement on anything else I had ever tried. The hard skin comes off as white dust, slowly but surely. Have the hoover ready!! So, it does work, albeit slowly.

The problem? The head (which is replaceable) lasted for that 10 minutes, and then was worn out. Again if you only have a small amount of hard skin, you'd be fine and dandy but for me, I'm going to need some refills.

I bought two refills from Amazon for a further 9.99 so now I'm up to the actual price it retails at, but with 2 extra heads. They have yet to arrive but I know that with those two, and some elbow grease, I will get to the bottom of the hard skin once and for all and I WILL have lovely feet!!

Overall, yes I would recommend this product. Especially if your hard skin isn't very bad, but also if it is, this thing DOES work but you are going to need some patience and DEFINITELY get some refills!

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