Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Creamy Cheesy Breaded Chicken

This really simple recipe that I made for dinner on Monday came from Pinterest (where else?) with the original source from The Cookie Rookie here!

I modified it slightly, but it involves breading your chicken first by dipping the chicken breast in milk and then breadcrumbs (I used Tesco natural breadcrumbs, which were so easy to use and made a really lovely golden brown crust). Fry the chicken in a skillet (or a frying pan like me - I'm not fancy enough to have all these different kitchen implements!) until golden brown and cooked through. Then combine chicken stock, double cream, Boursin cheese, Parmesan (I actually used mozzarella as we don't like Parmesan), diced tomatoes and pimientos (which are apparently a type of pepper, and my husband doesn't like peppers, so I just used some chilli flakes to give it the slightest bit of heat).

Pour the sauce over the chicken to serve, and we had carrots, peas and potato wedges as a side. It was absolutely delicious, even better than I was expecting! You know how you sometimes like all the ingredients, but just cannot imagine how it's all going to taste together? This was definitely one of those times. So creamy and delicious! And I was also very impressed with myself that this actually looked exactly like the picture in the recipe!!

I added everything to My Fitness Pal (a calorie tracking app with pre-loaded food items making it really easy to keep on top of your daily intake) and this is NOT a slimming recipe coming in at just over 1000cals. But have a light breakfast and lunch knowing this is coming in the evening and you will not be disappointed! You could always skip the potato wedges too and have something healthier on the side like a salad. Either that or go for a quick jog around the block to make room for it in your intake! :) It's totally worth it!

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