Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Engagement Basket


This has been a long time coming - we all knew it was going to happen at some point, but the lovely gent took his sweet time before asking one of my dearest friends to marry him. They did, in fairness, only very recently buy a house and that was taking precedent but now they are settled, they're ready for the next chapter in their lives and he popped the question! I am SO ecstatic and already excited to hear all about their plans - even though at the moment they probably haven't even had a chance to breathe let alone think about venues and colour schemes... :)

Gift baskets are nothing new and of course, with Pinterest, they are becoming ever more popular and it's so easy to find great ideas. I amalgamated a few ideas I've seen on there as well as a few of my own when putting together this basket for the lovely newly-betrothed Emma. I think a gift basket is a great way to show someone you are thinking about them, and that you've put in a little bit of effort, rather than buying an off-the-shelf gift which anyone can do. Also with it being so close to Christmas, and me trying to be super strict in my spending, this was a good way to give her more, but for less... if that makes sense (and doesn't make me sound ridiculously cheap!! Oh, it does? Oh...)

I headed over to Poundland for most of the gubbins to make this basket, and I very luckily decided to go to the brand new one in Reading rather than the one I usually go to in Bracknell. The new one in Reading is absolutely GIGANTIC (it's at Reading Gate, near the Madejski Stadium on the A33 if you fancy a trip!!) and it had such fantastic choice and great ideas for the basket!! I was lucky that a lot of the Christmas decor was silver, rather than really Christmassy red and green, because it meant I got a lot of cute embellishments without it looking too much like I got a load of Christmas stuff from Poundland (which I did...!)

I got these great sticky glittery letters and lots of stick on gems. I bought several packets of the letters but only ended up needing two packs, so I have plenty left for the future. And SO MANY GEMS left.

Little bottles of bubbles with cute little hearts on them, which I adorned with said gems

Plastic champagne flutes, which I also adorned with said gems, in the shape of their new soon-to-be joint initial (T). I put the bubbles in the bubbly glass :) I tied around some curling ribbon and stuck on a gift bow too.

A little pocket notebook, which I added the sticky glittery letters and gems to, to become an on-the-go wedding planner for ideas that pop into her head at a moment's notice.

Some picture frames (I love these frames and have used them in my own bedroom decor!), one of which is now a dry erase board with a wrapping paper backing and the glitter letters, and the other is a "rock holder" so she has somewhere to store her bling when she's not wearing it. This one I am particularly proud of, as its a Poundland glittery scarf, and it's stuffed with cotton wool balls. I then glammed up a sticky hook, with of course, the aforementioned gems. I got the dry erase marker from Poundland too - it came with a really tacky plastic dry erase board - but I only wanted it for the pen! :)

I got a little bottle of wine from Tesco, just enough for a toast, and a wedding magazine to help her get a few ideas on the go bright and early!

I got some party poppers, some chocolates and some mints just for a few extra bits. I even got the card from Poundland, as the Reading one had such a good selection!! Here's what I wrote inside, explaining all the random gifts:

I did buy a plastic box from Poundland to put it all in, but it didn't look quite right when I got it home. Thankfully I had a spare basket (I think it's IKEA?) and everything fit inside perfectly! I stuck on some Christmas bows (but they're silver so, who knows they are Christmas unless I tell them??) to glam up the basket a bit, and then wrapped it all in bubble wrap before putting it into a cardboard box so it was safe to pop in the post!

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