Wednesday, 30 September 2015

No New Clothes Challenge

After losing a total of four stone (and two stone just since December 2014), I've had to buy a lot of new clothes. Jeans that I had been managing to keep up with a belt just weren't salvageable any more as the butt was so baggy! As I intend to keep losing weight (only a few pounds though) as well as exercising more to build a little more muscle and stop the jiggling, it's quite likely that I'm going to end up buying them all over again too. I have found myself gravitating to one or two different outfits that I know fit and work, but it's getting a bit samey!

I don't buy expensive clothes - mostly I use websites like Everything5Pounds to get end of line stock. But recently I've had issues with sizing as I seem to be in between sizes, especially in different cuts and styles, particularly with jeans. I went to Peacocks to buy some jeans, and I was an 8 in one pair (but they were too flared so I didn't like them) and the size 10 in a straight leg pair were too tight! So buying clothes online is out for the moment as I really don't know what size I am going to need without trying things on. 

With that in mind, and high street prices for clothes I am likely to only wear for a short while, I'm starting a challenge where I don't buy any new clothes at all. If I need something, I will raid the charity shops (and I look forward to seeing the gaudy one off pieces I can scavenge!) and hopefully spend a fraction of the cost - saving myself some cash - as well as helping charity too! This will mean I am also remixing my current wardrobe to find different and fun ways to wear things I already own to increase the number of outfit choices I have! 


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