Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stronger than my excuses?

I saw this little quote on Pinterest the other day...

I think it came from someone's tumblr but as so often happens with Pinterest, the Pin doesn't actually link to anything. Anyway, I saw it and I liked it. I also saw this:
I repinned both of these quotes and for some reason they have really stayed with me. I have set them as my Twitter profile bio and they often just pop into my head, for no reason, and I think about them for a while and then they pop off again. I think both are really poignant. Why make excuses? If the issue is that things will take a long time, so you make excuses not to do them - why? The time is going to pass anyway, so why not spend them doing something productive? I have a strange habit of procrastination that doesn't only affect the things I don't want to do, but even the things I do want to do. I can find myself whiling away hours and hours and achieving literally nothing, not even the joy of having procrastinated for so long.

There are so many things I want to do and yet when I stop and try to think of them, I can't. I'll have a spare hour or two at a weekend and I think, what was it I really wanted to do? And I can never decide, or remember, so instead I sit there and I stare at my laptop and I get lost in the online world and lose a few hours. And then I wonder why I never do anything I've wanted to! I would love to have a beautifully clean and organised house but when I sit down in front of all my junk (phrasing...) I just can't bring myself to sort through it. I would adore to make my own clothes and have owned a sewing machine for over a year and I haven't got it out even ONCE.

Pinterest is part of this problem, I think. So many amazing ideas and aspirations, gorgeous recipes and dressmaking patterns, crafty arty type projects and inspiring motivational fitness quotes. But all I really do when I repin things is file them under "some other time".

So what are my excuses? The inspirational quote I pinned, to be stronger than my excuses, does it mean nothing? Just sounds cool, an empty promise? Well I've decided to try and avoid some of my procrastination habits. I have decided to try and do more of the things I have wanted to, whether I have wanted to for a minute or for days, weeks, months. I am going to look through all my old pins and actually try and achieve more of them. Part of my bucket list for 2013 was to try several of my pins, and I am going to try and do more of it. And if there is something that pops into my head when I have a spare moment I am actually going to DO it and stop procrastinating, and finding something wholly unimportant and quite frankly boring to do instead!!

Be stronger than your excuses, and don't just be an echo!!

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