Saturday, 25 May 2013

Recent Favourite Pins

Here's a few of my favourite things I have recently pinned on Pinterest!

Love the light browns and golds all around the eye with black emphasis at the corner - Genius Idea for Putting on Bracelets
Use a paper clip to hold the other end of the bracelet, this is pure genius :)

For those who read to help them fall asleep, keeps your page and looks funky! - Make Chocolate Butterflies With A Book
Trace a butterfly onto wax paper and dry in a book to get the bent wings!

In case of zombies....

Ombre light blue into dark blue, beautiful!

Serve dip/veggies/breadsticks in little individual pots so you don't have everyone crowding round the dip!

Visit to make your own!

Very pretty way to upscale a plain vase, use masking tape and paint!

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