Monday, 13 May 2013

"Beauty" secrets

I put "beauty" in inverted commas because I am not for a single second implying that I am beautiful, or indeed that you need these tips to be beautiful; its just a few things I have picked up during a life of trying to look the best I can to improve confidence. but without trying TOO hard. Fashions in make up change, and a few of the below tips are related to changing fashions which I have noticed in make up in general and what I've also found works better for me than other thing I have tried. I salute you if you think "I don't need any of those!" and if you're completely confident in your own skin, good for you! But for those of us that aren't, like myself, you might find the following at least moderately interesting! :)

Eyebrows - Size

There seems to have been a change in eyebrow "fashion" over the last few years. I don't know if it was just at my school, if I just hung around with the wrong people, or whether it was a widespread thing, but the trend in the late 90s and early 00s was to have the tiniest, thinnest eyebrows possible. I would pluck my eyebrows to within an inch of their existence, and unfortunately after years of doing so, they seem reluctant to grow back! BUT - the fashion now is to have much fuller, sculpted eyebrows. Eyebrows really frame your eyes, and can make them look bigger and give your face a better over all look. What I do at the moment, in lieu of them growing back quick enough, is draw on a very feint outline, and then fill this in with eyeshadow. This gives them a much fuller, uniformed look. Use a thin angled brush to get a nice line. Even if you don't have really thin eyebrows, you should be aiming to fill in the gaps between hairs with shadow to give a little more depth.

Eyebrows - Colour

If, like me, you change your hair colour often, you need to ensure your eyebrows also match. If you have jet black hair and blonde eyebrows, you're going to look a little silly. Try not to go for harsh black eyebrow pencil however - this will just look extremely fake and drawn on. The best bet is to go for an eyeshadow, which helps to give the overall impression of a different colour. This is especially important if you are a redhead for example, and you've dyed your hair blonde, or if you go from a dark to light colour or vice versa.

Dark, fake looking eyebrows and light coloured hair - big no no!


Always aim to have something on your lips, whether its just a lip balm or Vaseline (the rose tinted pink one is lovely!) or a gloss or full on lipstick. This will make your lips look fuller, and helps to stop them drying out and getting flaky. 


Some people are blessed with absolutely glorious skin but for those of us that aren't, thank god there are options. I cannot live without a full face of foundation, but for those who maybe aren't used to wearing make up, a tinted moisturiser or a very thin foundation is a great start. It just evens out your skin tone and stops you from being shiny. It doesn't need to be difficult or take ages - just put it on with your fingers all over your face which takes only a few minutes every morning. It help you to look more awake (who need dark circles!?) and fresh-faced. I have tried a couple of foundations recently which are more like tinted moisturisers - lovely and light and thin which are great for if you don't have time to do a full face or you don't feel like you need it - Maybelline Fit Me foundation and Rimmel Match Perfection.

Another big one for the Face is to get the right colour foundation. This is a BIG stickler for me being so pale. Its very difficult to avoid being very orange, and having a tide mark between my jaw and my neck where the colour ends. Try your utmost to get a colour thats very similar, and if you can't you could try doing what I do - get a white foundation (yes, they exist, they are meant for goths or for stage actors...) and mix your own. You can also take the colour down to the neck and blend it in to try and reduce the tide mark.

Tide marks come from the wrong colour foundation...


The best way to look more made up than you are is to apply some blusher. Just a little sweep across the apples of the cheeks gives you a quick and easy fresh-faced glow. Blush also acts as a contour, so if you're not doing highlighting and contouring make up and are just going for a quick slap-on foundation (see above!) then the best way to make it look like you made super loads more effort is to put on a little blusher.


If you do literally nothing else on this list, then this is the biggie. Always always always define your eyes. This could be mascara (which is so easy, takes seconds and makes a MASSIVE difference), put on some eyeliner (pencil, or even just an eyeshadow along the eye line) or eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes. This opens the eyes, makes them wider and brighter and helps you to look ALIVE!


Another big late 90s and early 00s trend was the centre parting - a completely bolt straight, right down the middle of your head line. I used to make this mistake, but what this tends to do is highlight any imperfections especially if your face isn't symmetrical  It draws the eye right down to your nose, splits between your eyebrows (even worse if your eyebrows aren't equal, see above) and down to your chin. Even just a tiny bit to either side with your parting will draw the eye away from the centre line of your face, and gives a nice swoop across the forehead rather than the whole forehead being visible. This is much softer, rather than a harsh, dead centre part.

Taylor Swift's soft side parted style. She's also dead fit.

I hope this has been helpful! Do you have any tips you swear by? :)

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