Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pinterest Update

Oh hello! It's been a while hasn't it :)

I've had a go at a couple of things I found on Pinterest recently that I wanted to share!

First is this completely yummy looking Greek Yoghurt "Cookie Dough"

Greek yoghurt
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
Chocolate chips

I have a very sweet tooth and with my diet that's hard to control, so I thought with it being "healthy" dark chocolate chips and fat free Greek yoghurt, it would be a good thing to try. 

It was fairly ok. A bit sickly. I think I would leave the honey out if I made it again. Also it definitely doesn't look as pretty as in the picture, and definitely not as thick (perhaps because I used fat free yoghurt and they used 2%?) but overall it was quite a nice treat considering I hadn't eaten anything sweet for ages!

My Version!

I also tried this recipe for Duck in soy and oyster sauce with noodles and spring onion

The recipe calls for "Chinese greens" and no matter how hard I Googled I couldn't get a definitive answer as to what they are actually are. So I just stuck with spring onions. 

I fried the duck until it was completely ready while boiling some egg noodles in another saucepan. I then added the spring onion to the duck and added 2 tbsp soy sauce and 2 tbsp oyster sauce. I think the recipe only called for one of each but it was really dry, especially after I had added the noodles, so I added a bit more and it actually came out really well. 

Usually whenever I try something new, my husband starts off by saying he likes it and then when I come to make it again he'll own up and say "actually, it wasn't that great..." but this time he did genuinely say it was nice, and that I could definitely make it again!

Again my version isn't as pretty (and I am only taking photos with my phone so sorry about the poor quality) but it certainly tasted nice and that was the main thing!

My version

This next one - ham and broccoli egg bake, was absolutely divine but my husband wasn't too keen.

Gammon steaks
Cheddar cheese

It was really easy to make, just cut up your gammon in to little strips or cubes, blanche the broccoli for a couple of minutes first then add them to the dish. Beat up as many eggs as it takes to cover the mixture (this would depend on the size of the dish, for me it was 4) and sprinkle with cheese. Bake it until all the eggs are firm. I stabbed it with a knife to check it came out clean around 30 minutes and it was perfect. 

Really yummy but something I would only be making for myself in future. My husband isn't generally very keen on eggs so it's my own fault with this one!

My version - served with baby new potatoes and garlic butter

I have really been getting into nail art recently since stopping biting my nails, and I really wanted to give this Feather nail art a try

I bought some lovely spotty craft feathers, but whenever I tried to cut them, they just broke up into tiny bits, and when I did manage to get on on my nail, it just wouldn't stick down. I think maybe the feathers were too rigid as they just stuck out, rather than lying flat on the nail. Shame because I think it looks awesome but this is a Pinterest fail on my part....

The matte nail hype is something that has also really piqued my attention but matte nail varnish is SO expensive. So I found a decent alternative - a matte top coat!! The one I got was super cheap too, by NYX. I got it from Amazon and it was £1.99! I tried it over blue nails, and it worked perfectly. By the end of the day a little bit of shine had come back, as I think over time the top coat absorbs oils and moisture. But another coat the next day and it was back to lovely matte satin-y-ness. 

My effort at matte blue nails

I had tried the sock bun before but with quite short and layered hair, it just fell out pretty much instantly. But then I saw this pin with an ingenious little doughnut ring and a great way to sole the layers problem!

You basically put your hair in a high pony, then put on the doughnut ring, spread your hair around it and then put on another bobble to hold in place. Then twist the loose ends around the pin into place! And you know what, it actually works!! Quite hard to do with thin hair like mine as I don't have a lot to cover the doughnut, but with a bit of jiggling while looking in a mirror with a mirror behind me (complicated....) I got there!

My version of the "sock bun"

Again sorry about the photo quality, this was taken behind me in a mirror!! But it looks pretty good,compared to if I do a normal bun which - with such thin hair - looks really sad and droopy!

I also tried a couple of make up tricks that supposedly make your eyes look bigger. The main one as the brown under the bottom lashes, and this also definitely works!

Here's a photo of me with the light brown under the eyes!

One thing I have wanted to do for ages is attach a love lock to a bridge. The main place to do this is in Paris next to the Louvre, but I discovered that one has started up over the Lagan in Belfast! We were back visiting family last week, and my aunt-in-law suggested it!

I bought a cheap lock from Poundland and some permanent markers, and we went into the city centre for a boat tour down the Lagan, putting the lock on the bridge after! My husband thought it was super lame, but I liked it at least!! We are also going to be doing this in Paris in November, on the actual date of our one year wedding anniversary. Barf!

Our love lock on the Lagan

I think that's all the things I've tried recently, looking back over my pins! On the whole, quite successful!!

I will do a blog about our Belfast trip soon!


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