Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Yu! Snacks

Firstly, some news - I have finally hit my target of losing two stone!! I have been trying so hard recently to get my 5 a day or close to it, eating healthy and getting as much exercise as I can, and it has finally paid off!!

Along the same healthy vein, I recently had the pleasure of tasting some really yummy products from Yu! I had tried the Strawberry Yoghurt Bites before, as a quick and healthy snack, but had never tried the rest of the range (unfortunately my local supermarket doesn't carry much variety!) When my little parcel of goodies arrived I was very excited and ate them all in one GO!! I hadn't had lunch... don't judge me!

I don't want to sound all promotion-y here and I'm certainly not getting paid to say any of this stuff, but seriously Yu! products are amazing. They count towards your 5 a day, with real fruit and natural flavours. I have tried other products that claim to be healthy yet taste like trainer insoles (I imagine...) but Yu! products are actually really yummy,  and low in calories, sugars and fats.

My favourites were the fruit pieces. I am not a big fan generally of blueberries but I even loved them! The fruit bars were brilliant too, so easy to grab on the go and take for breakfast or a snack, without going overboard on calories and keeping things natural. The granola pieces were absolutely yummy and I hope there are (or will be) other flavours to try!!

I will definitely be trying to find a store that stocks a bigger range of Yu! Products and I highly recommend that you do too!!

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