Wednesday, 11 December 2013

China Glaze Polishes

I have just received my order of four new China Glaze polishes and I am very excited!! I do love a plain varnish, as it lends itself more easily to nail art, but I am absolutely in love with glitter and textured polish too!

 From left to right, they are All Of A Flutter, Boo-Gie Down, Light As A Feather and Fang Tastic.

The first I have tried is Boo-Gie Down which is black, white, bronze and gold glitter and flecks in a clear base. I sometimes wear these over colours, especially black and white, but for the first go to get a real feel for how good a polish is, I just wear it on it's own. This one took three coats to get to a good coverage stage.

Top left: one coat, top right: two coats, bottom left: three coats, bottom right: close up

 Still a few gaps after 3 coats, but I think over a black base this would look amazing with just one or two coats!

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