Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Foundation Review - Max Factor Whipped Creme

You may know from previous posts that I am as pale as they come. Every foundation I try is either too orange, or the coverage is garbage. I never, ever find one that ticks all the boxes. I even went to the Clinique counter in Boots and the woman basically said "I got nothing"!!

My never ending quest for the perfect foundation continues, and as they have discontinued my mainstay (boo to you Max Factor!) I am now on the look out for another "make do" one too.

What I used to use -  Max Factor Xperience Ivory
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There's probably hundreds of great foundations out there that would suit me perfectly but due to price, they are just not something I can warrant, especially as it's pot luck with coverage and colour for me. My main requirement is coverage, because I can lighten up any foundation that's too dark with this amazing little product, MakeUp Forever pan stick, in white:

MakeUp Forever Pan Stick in White
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Yes, in white. Pure brilliant white!! I put stripes on my face, then my foundation and I mix it on my face. This is what I have to do every goddamn day. Being the Porcelain Princess ain't much fun a lot of the time!!

So what to mix with this now my old favourite is discontinued?

Enter -  Max Factor Whipped Creme!

Max Factor Whipped Creme Light Ivory
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I saw this and thought I'd give it a go, as you'd hope that being the same brand and the same colour name, it'd be a similar colour. Actually, it's a little bit lighter (hooray!) so I now have to use less white to tone it down. I do however still have to use the white -  so it's not quite perfect.

Coverage wise though, and this foundation is a real winner. Unlike Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse which I found to be really clumpy and very difficult to get even (not to mention BRIGHT BLOODY ORANGE), this goes on so easily and even a thick layer looks even, and you don't look caked. I just use my fingers, as lightly as possible, and I've found this to be the best way. I did try it with a brush, but it was difficult to remove brush strokes -  I think because it's so thick. But thick is GOOD!! Amazingly good! I also tried a make up sponge but again nothing beats the fingers.

This will be my new mainstay, at least until I find one that is lighter, with the same coverage. Maybe Max factor would like to make a "Porcelain" shade, lighter than their Light Ivory!? That would be perfect!

Me wearing Max Factor Whipped Creme, mixed with
MakeUp Forever whiteand topped with
NARS Snow powder

The search continues....

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  1. They do a porcelain shade! I use it and it's perfect :)