Monday, 9 December 2013

"Minimalist" Christmas

I'm not huge on Christmas. I'm huge at Christmas, but I can't say I'm a massive fan overall. Not in a "bah humbug" kinda way -  it just all starts too early for me, with far too much expectation and hype. If Christmas didn't seem to start as soon as the schools go back in September, with shops starting to sell Christmas cards and wrapping paper, and then playing Christmas songs in November, I'd probably like it a whole lot more. But for me the expectation of the perfect gift, the perfect reaction, the perfect tree and decorations, the perfect food and company... it's all a bit much. I think it's amazing when you are little because your parents stress over every tiny little thing to make it perfect. when you're older and you have to do that yourself... meh.

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Having said that -  I have bought some awesome presents this year and I look forward to eating more than my bodyweight in chocolate and turkey (not together!)

My husband has similar feelings in that it all gets a bit too much. We ended up not even having a tree last year, after moving the lounge around for a better fit with the furniture, we realised there wasn't actually any space left for the tree, and we didn't really have any other decorations to speak of so we just left it! How unseasonal of us!

This year though, and my favouritest shop in the world ever Poundland had some super cute decorations and I just had to get them! I actually felt a little bit festive while I was buying them! Shocking!

So instead of an all-out Christmas tree and trying to make everything perfect, I have gone for quite "minimalist" decorations -  unimposing but enough to make it clear that it's Christmas. I even got a little bit crafty and made a..... thing. Out of baubles!

My bauble "creation"
Jazzy door wreath

Mini pop up tree and XMAS glitter letters

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