Monday, 9 December 2013

Writing Challenge Part II

You may remember about a month ago (has it been that long!?) that I posted a Writing Challenge that I'd seen on Pinterest. Well, having done the first 15 questions, here are the answers to the last 15! Maybe give them a go yourself? It's quite thought-provoking!

16. Something that you regret not doing in the last year

I wouldn't say it's regret, as such, more that I just wish I had been able to see friends and family more. Life always gets in the way (as do procrastination, laziness, and finances!) and before you know it, it's been months at a time since you've seen anyone but your other half and people at work. I've certainly noticed as I've got older that time absolutely speeds by now, and sometimes you really need to make time rather than just expecting there to be time.

17. Someone who broke your heart

I have been very, very lucky over the years that I have never really had my heart broken. Not in the truest sense, at least. I have to go back quite a long way to when I was 15/16 and even then, it wasn't really heartbreak, more that I was obsessed with someone who didn't really want to give me the time of day. Considering that's at least 10 years ago, I've done alright since!!

18. Someone you miss

No one person in particular, but everyone who lived in Broad Hall as first year uni students at the University of Hertfordshire in 2006. We became a really close-knit group, with one now being my best friend and another my husband. I keep in touch with everyone else but we're all spread out now and living different lives, whereas at university we were all in close confines and saw each other nearly every day. I really do miss those times.

19. What's in your bag?

What isn't in my bag!? Seriously, my handbag is like the tardis, and it's big on the outside as it is. It's the bag I take to work with me, so it's got screwdrivers, Alan keys, washers and screws as well as loyalty cards for pretty much every type of petrol station, pens and hundreds of receipts (I really should clear it out...). I also haul around all my makeup in it rather than having a separate makeup bag. If I am just going out for the day and not to work, I transfer the important things like eyeliner, a mirror and my bank card and ID to a smaller bag.

20. 5 things you're passionate about

a) Yeovil Town FC -  they're my first love, well, other than the obvious! I cannot possibly estimate how many miles I've travelled to see them - probably hundreds of thousands by now in the 11/12 years it's been. We have had some absolutely amazing days and some absolute shockers. It's certainly been eventful being a Yeovil fan for the past decade or so :)

b) Make Up - I don't profess to be a professional, far from it, but I don't feel like me without it, and I like to think I do alright with application both on myself, and friends when asked. My never ending search for the perfect foundation and perfecting my look certainly is a passion!

c) Being Yourself -  I am a huge advocate of doing whatever the hell you want to be happy -  as long as it's within the law, and you're not going to hurt yourself or someone else. So you want loads of tattoos and green hair? Go for it! You want to wear a bright pink top with a bright blue skirt and red leggings? Sure, why not! You want to live in a tent? Each to their own! I think the sooner society forgets about "social norms" the better and let's people do -  and be -  whatever makes them happy.

d) Travel - as much as I would love to, I haven't travelled to many places other than in the UK (and even then, it's mainly to football stadia!!) I have big dreams of going to lots of places and I think travel really does broaden the mind. I'm passionate about one day being able to see and do all the things I really want to. But I'm also lazy. So, meh!

e) Sleep - goes without saying right? I love me a good lie in, I seriously do. Waking up whenever you wake up, rather than forced by an alarm, is such an amazing feeling and I relish it every Sunday!!

21. Someone who inspires you

I'd say my sister is a big inspiration for setting your sights on something and getting what you want, as well as being the cause of the green eyed monster a lot of times...! She has done amazingly well for herself, considering we grew up with very modest means, owning a gorgeous (and huge) house, and being at the top of her company. I'd like to achieve as much as she has by the time I'm in my early 30s, but I can't see it myself!! I'll be lucky to even own a house by then, but it's certainly something to aspire to!

22. One thing you've never done that most people have

I have never been to Laser Quest, and yet everyone I know seems to have had a laser quest birthday party at some time or another as kids! It seemed like the done thing but I have never been, nor do I really know what the point of it is!?

23. Most memorable vacation

Greece was amazing, but I think it sticks in the mind because it was so recent, and because it was our honeymoon. I'd always been interested in the Ancient Greeks since I was little, so to actually stand there on the Acropolis was an amazing feeling. But I remember really fondly the UK holidays with my parents especially to Green Farm in Great Yarmouth. The huge steep slope down to the sea, the oil rig in the distance, going to the Wildlife Park at Thrigby and spending HOURS looking at the tigers (I was obsessed with tigers back then). Good memories :)

24. Goals for next month

As next month is January, I guess it'll be time to make those resolutions again! This year I did a kind of bucket list rather than a resolution (because I never stick to them) so I will revisit that next month and see what's left on the list!

25. What made your day special?

Special is a strong word... but a client cancelled on me at the last minute and instead, I went to see my contact in Occupational Health there and had a lovely chat over a coffee just about life and plans rather than about work. It's always nice to see people I know when I'm out at work -  it can be quite a lonely existence, seeing someone and then never seeing them again!

26. Something you could never get tired of doing

Pinning things on Pinterest!! Seriously, I am addicted. I have a real problem. Over 3000 pins and counting...

27.  How you envision your life to be

I'm always looking to the future and wondering "what if" but I don't really have a plan of how to get there. So whether it happens anything like I hope, remains to be seen!! Eventually I want to own my own home, that I have DIY'ed to within an inch of existence, hopefully by the sea. I hope to have my own business, as a massage therapist from home, and making clothes in my spare time for myself and to sell. And have green hair :)

28. What do you want?

That's quite a broad question! All of the above - plus to be able to eat whatever I want without getting fat. But that's every girl's dream, right? Infinite doughnuts? I know it is.

29. Family

I now have a huge extended family that I've married in to that largely live in Belfast, though there are also relatives in America and Canada. My immediate family in my mum and dad, sister and her husband, as well as my husband Marty. We're all quite spread out, but get togethers are fairly frequent and always good fun!

30. Daily routine

I push my wake up time to the absolute limit. I think I may actually have an addiction to sleep. Is that a thing? If it is, I have it. I start to do bartering maths with my half asleep self to try to warrant an extra 5 minutes in bed. When I do finally get up, I make a coffee straight away and while the kettle is boiling, get dressed. I then dunk my breakfast biscuits in my coffee before I start to put my face on. Then I brush my teeth and I'm out the door. I keep things I need to do in the morning to the absolute bare minimum. I shower the night before, I try to do the ironing the night before now too, and while I would love to wake up at the crack of dawn and work out or whatever -  it's simply not happening. I like sleep way too much for that. I go to work, which involves driving around all day to various different offices and companies, and I get home usually around 4/4:30pm. I do a bit of work from home before I start to think about dinner, and to be honest other than lounging in front of the TV or on my laptop I literally do nothing else in the week. How boring?

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