Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Easy Peasy Headboard Cover

We were gifted a lovely leather-look bed when we first moved in to this place around 4 years ago. It served us pretty well, until one of the slats broke, as well as where the slat slotted into (that's hard to say quickly!). As lovely as it was though, the bed was a normal double size and had a lip all the way around the edges making it even bigger, and in our tiny bedroom, it didn't really fit well. After having the bed for a couple of years we decided we'd get a new one, and get a small double to make better use of the space. This was brought forward somewhat by the breakage :)

We opted for a metal frame bed which in hindsight was a very bad idea. It is SO noisy. Turning over in the middle of the night is guaranteed to wake you (and your partner) up and trying to get out of bed quietly for pee so as not to wake your other half is impossible. But it was cheap, and it fit, so we got it.

Everything else in our bedroom is beech effect MDF wood, so a metal bed frame also didn't really go with anything. This was made even worse recently after my little project with the bookcase hanging rack (pictures to come later) which I made out of beech effect bookcases. So I decided I'd have a look and see what I could do with regards the headboard.

The headboard is also the legs, so removing it and having something wall-mounted was off the table. So I decided to try and cover the existing one. All kinds of ideas wafted around my head as usual, involving wood and foam and leaning how to do elastic fitted sheet style corners, but I settled on what is possibly the easiest DIY of all time. 

For a change this didn't come from Pinterest (though someone else has no doubt done it) it came from my very own mind!

I purchased a double flat sheet in black, I figured black goes with everything. I folded over the sheet in half. I then measured the size of my headboard, and sewed up the outsides of the sheet at the right size. I cut off the excess and voila! Two seams and I'm done!

It's not the best workmanship of all time, but after ironing it, I reckon it looks pretty sweet. Here it is with the pillows in position. With the flash on, yes, you can see the metal slats. But without the flash, you can't. You also can't see pretty much of anything as it's dark right now :)

I'm going to make a couple of slipcover cushions to go on the bed too from the excess fabric from the flat sheet, so no matter what duvet cover we have on at the time, it'll tie everything together pretty easily. The flat sheet came from Linens Limited on Amazon, and was only 7.99, but seriously good quality. A lovely satin-y finish that looks pretty swish. Not bad, eh??

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