Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Living Room Update

I have always loved colour, and I mean seriously loved. So much so that I never really know when to stop!! Since having my own place, I have filled every room with every colour under the sun. The only things that aren't brightly coloured are the walls, and that's only because I'm not allowed to paint them due to renting!

I found though that there was so much colour that you couldn't really see it. Like a collector of something, who has shelves upon shelves of their obsession (dolls, plates, memorabilia, whatever floats theie boat), you don't see the individual pieces, just a mass of STUFF. I had seen so many lovely examples of living rooms on the Internet where colours would really pop, but it didn't seem like it was over saturated or too busy. You could actually see the colour.

I decided that with my new found fixation on grey and yellow together (see my Pinterest boards...), I'd run with the idea that less is more. In my living room, I have a futon sofa and a reclining chair. The recliner had a bright orange throw on it and a multi coloured cushion my mum made. I LOVE the cushion but against the orange, and next to the excessively bright rainbow spotted sofa cushions, you couldn't even see it!

I went with two big plain mustard yellow cushions and two smaller grey cushions with a subtle pattern for the sofa. I already had some beigey coloured throws. For the recliner, a grew throw and a mustard yellow cushion the same size and pattern as the greys tied both pieces of furniture together.

Now the multi coloured awesome cushion sits on my office chair, where it's not swamped by anything else, and even though there is less colour, it really seems like there is more, and it all actually works together.
I still adore my rainbow mishmash of colours but I think I will think a bit harder now when we get a place we can decorate about just how much colour I can put in each room!

Now I just need to replace those ghastly curtains...

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