Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Buy Memories, Not Stuff

I seem to have a compulsive need to buy things, whether it's for the home, or new clothes, or make up. And while I'm not breaking the bank over it, I am cluttering up my home - and my life - with a load of stuff I don't really need. I have so many clothes, lovely dresses for work, and in reality who needs more than a couple of pairs of jeans and a few nice tops? I have so much stuff I rarely ever wear, shoes I bought and put at the back of the closet to rarely see the light of day again.

I can really see the upsides to a zombie apocalypse. I mean sure, you'd be in danger every day, but all you'd need is shelter and food, you spend your day with just the bare necessity of life, with no jobs to go to, no such thing as money, and no need to dress or look a certain way or have a load of material stuff. It'd all count for nothing and in some ways I think I'd really enjoy the apocalypse. Just the rucksack on your back and that's it! Death and constant fear of death aside obviously...

Anyway this is all getting a little deep. What I really wanted to say was that I've made a decision that for the near future I am not going to buy "stuff". I really do not have any need for anything - I have more clothes than I can wear and far too much junk in my house. No, instead I want to do things and see things and go places!
I've developed this need to travel and experience stuff recently, I think it's probably Pinterest related.  There is so much out there, even just in England, and it's so much better to have a head full of memories and an album full of photos rather than a load of stuff and junk that just clutters up your life!!

Again, deep. Not sure what it is about this Tuesday :) I'm off to Edinburgh in a couple of days so that should curb my need to do stuff for a while!!

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