Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Recent Favourite Pins

Here are a few of my recent pins on Pinterest, and why I liked them! Follow the links under the photos to see the pins and the original websites.
These floating lanterns in Honolulu looks absolutely beautiful in the dusk light and the shimmering water. It looks like messages have been written on the lanterns too - this would be a very sweet thing to do at a wedding if your venue had a lake!
It's my dad's 60th next year and I came across this lovely framed print of all the big news stories from the year they were born to commemorate a big birthday. This is obviously American, and my dad wouldn't care about the NY Yankees, but I'm sure I could fashion something similar myself with the help of Wikipedia (apparently Chelsea won Division One in 1955, who knew?)

This ottoman convertible bed is such a great idea to keep in a guest room or even just in your lounge for extra space when people come to stay. it doesn't even look like a makeshift bed like a lot of sofa beds and futons do - it looks like a functional ottoman that can also be great for putting your feet up on!
This amazing kitchen update, done relatively cheaply, shows just what can be done with your existing kitchen without splashing out on a new one. Pine is very yesteryear and the white brings it bang up to date and gives it a modern feel. What I especially liked about this was the removal of the doors on the top level cabinet furthest left, to become a display case with fancy moulding around the top. You can also update your appliances pretty cheaply too, with appliance spray paint in silver, or white if they are just a bit grubby an need updating!
A quick and easy way to get a bit of curl in your hair! It's very trendy to have straight but voluminous hair at the roots and a faint curl at the ends - and this is a really quick and easy way to do that. I don't have a curling wand but I reckon this would be just as easy with straighteners. I will definitely be giving this one a go, but perhaps my hair would need to be a big longer for the full effect!

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