Saturday, 8 March 2014

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

I may have found a great foundation in MAC Studio Sculpt (see here) but that doesn't mean the quest is over. I'm a "never happy" type of lady when it comes to foundation, and there is always room for improvement. So, after my discovery of tester pots on ebay, I decided to give Illamasqua a go, which has always received good reviews from pale ladies.

I opted for, of course, the lightest shade in 02 (01 is white - even I'm not quite that pale). The formula is called Skin Base, and the website promises a "flawless" look and buildable coverage. Check out the main site for it here.

This is a very pricey foundation (for my means, anyway) at £27 for 30ml. But as I have always said, if something actually works, I am willing to pay for it, as long as I can guarantee it's right for me. The tester arrived today and I am so impressed!

Not only did I get given a shedload for the £4 sample size (purchased from here), which will probably last a good 2-3 full face applications, but the shade is absolutely perfect and the coverage is so THICK - but without looking "caked".

Hand swatch

I haven't tried this on my face yet (I already had my face on when it arrived!) so the trial run and road testing of wearing for a whole day comes later. But just from this first viewing, I am really impressed. It's a pinky undertone, even though on the website it says "pink with yellow". I disagree - it's not yellow based at all. Yellow based foundations make me look instantly orangey and this really suits my more pinky "English rose" colour.

It completely covered my pores, but without sitting in them. I have quite wrinkly hands, and again it completely smoothed these out without any trouble at all. And did I mention the colour is perfect? Like - even better than MAC!! A little goes a long way too, I covered the whole back of my hand with very little from the tester pot.

Smoothed out -  just with a finger. A little goes a long way!

I have loads and loads left of my MAC foundation as it was only a recent purchase, but this will totally be the one I use next. I may even be swayed into buying it sooner after a face application of this bad boy and a full day's road test. I shall report back when I've done a full face with it!!


  1. Glad you like this one! I love Illamasqua stuff, especially Skin Base, but unfortunately I am between two colours (SB2 and SB7) so would have to get both and keep mixing them! £27 isn't too bad for a foundation though, the Diorskin Nude I would normally get is a fiver more and probably doesn't go as far :-)

  2. The MAC one was about £22 I think and is great, but still a teensy bit too dark if I'm honest. Coverage is awesome though! But this one is 100% perfect on first viewing!! The amount I go through foundation and general financing means it's pricey for me at £27, but if it works I am more than happy to pay for it!! Looking forward to trying this on my face tomorrow!! Will no doubt get it soon! Just bought the Clinique Even Better sample in Alabaster, so will give that a review too! xxx