Saturday, 8 March 2014

Windsor Trip 8/3/14

We took a quick jaunt to Windsor today, to visit the castle and have a general wander about, and if we would so happen to see a postbox or two then so be it :)

We got the awesome South West Trains winter sale deal and the trip on the train was only £20 return, and that's for the both of us!

Firstly we stopped at Olivia's cafe, just down the road from the station, Windsor and Eton Riverside. You can see the castle from the windows, and it's reasonably priced, with a very friendly waitress. We had a panini and a latte each, before heading over to the castle.

The castle is very impressive - much, much larger than I was expecting - but at £18.50 each I thought it was very pricey, especially as we wandered around it, and the Chapel, in a little over an hour. As has been mentioned before in this blog, my husband is very much a "seen it, let's move on" type of guy, so maybe some people would get a couple of hours out of it, but that's as a maximum I would say.

We gave the "selfie pole" a road test - something I bought really cheaply on Amazon for our upcoming trip to Edinburgh, to eradicate the "arms length" super close up photos of us both. I have a real fear of giving my camera to a stranger to take a photo, not least because they may steal it, but also, who knows if they take a good photo or not!? This way we can give it a couple of goes and get the photo just right, and have scenery in the background without it being super close to our faces.

After the castle we had a quick wander around the town, and spotted a couple of awesome Victorian postboxes, as well as a blue George V airmail postbox (no longer in use).

Windsor itself is very pretty, and oldie-worldie, and extremely expensive. The shops give it away -  Pandora, Rolex, Gucci, to name but a few. We saw a Rolex for sale in the shop window which was £10,000. HALF WHAT I EARN!! For a watch!! Some people have way more money than sense...

We then had a sit down by the picturesque fountains before heading back to the station. We were only there a couple of hours, but it was well worth the trip, and what else are you going to do on a Saturday morning with no football to go to? :)

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