Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Illamasqua Skin Base Road Test

I realise I ask a lot from foundation - it needs to be super pale, super thick without looking cakey, long lasting and really easy to apply. I don't have time to prime and conceal and use brushes and all that malarky, so I realise I am probably making it harder for foundation to perform well. But it needs to work for me without me trying to make it work if that makes sense!

I got this tester pot of Illamasqua (see my previous blog post!) and it seemed really promising - really light in colour and really thick in texture. I only tried it on the back of my hand at the time, but it looked really promising on first look!

So today was the road test - where I do a full face of make up with the foundation as the base and see how it lasts throughout the day.

For colour, this foundation gets 10/10, it's absolutely brilliant. If anything it might even be a teensy bit *too* light which I never get to say about a foundation! But with my usual pale powder on it, which is a teensy bit darker, it looks great!

The coverage is ok on the face. It was much better on the hand. But I have a very blotchy face, with very visible pores and very uneven red skin tone. I always apply my foundation either with just fingers or a beauty blender. I put this on with a beauty blender and it's quite patchy first go, and it isn't really as blendable as I would like, becoming quite powdery and cakey in the areas where I have double up. But, it's quite thick and half decent, so I would say 7/10 for coverage. 

Staying power is another matter though. It's only lunch time, and it's moved about all over the place. My chin is very patchy now, and my pointy nose bridge (which foundation never seems to stay put on) had a big gap!! I tried to put some more on to cover this, and it just hasn't blended in well at all. It's not something you can reapply at a later stage in the day. And if you so much as touch your face, this stuff WILL come off. The sides of my nose are very patchy and it's sitting in the pores there. For staying power, I give it 5/10, because in the bits it has stayed on it's really good. But generally, it's not good :(

Such a shame because the colour is perfecto, but as always I find fault with it somewhere along the line :)

I'm still using my MAC studio sculpt generally at the moment and it's still definitely the best I have found! I have a tester of Clinique Even Better in Alabaster on the way, so will be trying that one next!! 

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