Friday, 22 August 2014


My two best girls and I took a day trip down to Brighton last Saturday for a bit of culture, seaside and sexy burgers!

I've eaten at the Trolls Pantry before - at The Hobgoblin pub in Brighton, but they also have a stall at the food market on the road coming down from the train station. These burgers are the stuff of legend, as I explained to my besties months ago as I sang their praises. The burgers are made with local aged steak beef patties and amazing toppings. Only one of them partook, but commented that it was one of the best burgers she'd ever tasted! Praise indeed!

The Trolls Pantry and the Street Food Market

We had a wander down to the pier and were lucky enough to snag three deck chairs, as we watched the sea and set the world to rights with a can of Pimms (classy ladies). We then walked up the sea front to the bars and that are sent into the bridge along the shoreline, with quirky little penny arcade museums and seaside tatt shops.  We stopped at Coalition, which looks like it would be a seriously happening place on a Saturday night, but in the middle of the day it was a little strange for extremely loud dance music to be blaring out. It was really nice to sit beside the sea with pina colada slushie though!

Top Left - The Pier, Top Right - Us on the deck chairs, Bottom Left - the view down the shore, Bottom Right - Pina Colada Slushie goodness!

After our burgers at the food market, we set out to find the Laines, the picturesque and quirky side streets full of boutique shops, vintage stalls and great eateries. I got a free Tarot card reading, and apparently I am to expect a big, exciting change in my life soon. Narrows it down, eh? We popped into an amazing fudge shop, and I bought some lemon meringue flavoured fudge which has to be the sweetest thing I have ever tasted, but absolutely amazing!

The Laines

After walking our socks off, we settled on Oki Nami Japanese restaurant which had a great little balcony for a cocktail and a glass of Prosecco. We were entertained by a fantastic street band, but unfortunately I didn;t catch their name. They played a mix of old classics and new music but with a folky, acoustic sound. The best tracks for me were "I wanna be like you" from the Jungle Book, and Englishman in New York by The Police (random mix right?). There were also some very strange people who seemed to be from an alternative arts group, rolling around on the floor and running about with no shoes on.

The Street Band and us at Oki Nami

The walk back up to the train station is a mission up a steep hill and you're grateful of a 40 minute sit down back to London on the train. My return ticket was very good value at only £22, so it was a great day out that didn't break the bank, and a chance to see my two best girls!

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