Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Birthday

The long Bank Holiday weekend hosted my 27th birthday and my parents, sister and brother in law made the long trip down from the Midlands for a lovely pub lunch at The Crabtree in Camberley.


The Crabtree has recently undergone a bit of a revamp, having previously been called The Crab and Dragon (as per the above, I forgot to take a photo!) but the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and laid back feel was still apparent in droves. Comfortable seats and great food, along with great company, made for a fabulous birthday treat! I opted for my customary mixed grill, with a starter of tempura prawns which I'd never tried before. They were absolutely delicious, and I would definitely have them again!

Me with my husband Marty. No, I won't even crack a smile on my birthday!

After the pub (and several beverages) we headed back to the flat for a chinwag (and more beverages) before they all had to make the long old trip back home. I think that's the most people that have ever been in this flat, ever! But it was lovely to see everyone and for us to not be making the trip up the M1 for a change!

My brother in law was not happy about this photo!


  1. is there a reason everyone was latching onto their bags for dear life? lol rough area? x )O( x

  2. Haha no quite a posh area! Just my family are weird :D xxx