Tuesday, 9 September 2014

DIY "Apothecary" Style Jars (Plus Home Bargains Love)

After seeing this on Pinterest (where else..?!) I was desperate for some apothecary jars that I could fill will seasonal items and change it out with the seasons. I'm so easily influenced! I'm an advertiser's dream!

From: Setting For Four
But after a quick Google, my heart sank at just how much they are!! £20-£40 at the very least (and god forbid you want an actual vintage, you'll need a second mortgage). And that's just for one!! And who only wants one!?

Then, the current love of my life Home Bargains came to the rescue!! I only discovered Home Bargains a couple of months ago - they are only just starting to spring up down here in the South, but they are a little more well known up in the Midlands and the North. I found one in Reading, and I was so pleased to find that they do the wood cat litter that my cat uses (we tried to keep using all the same stuff that she was used to at the rescue centre) for SUPER CHEAP. Like, 15L for £2.50! I bought 8L in Pets at Home for A FIVER!

I had a wander around on my lunch today and came across the glass homewares section and found these beauties!

Small candlestick - £1.99
Large candlestick - £2.99
Glass bowl - £2.99
Hurricane jar - £3.50

See where I'm going with this!?

Hooray, superglue! Ta da!

Now, granted, they don't have the fancy glass jar lids, but I will keep an eye out for something that would do. But I quite like them open as they are! And for little over £10 (not including the superglue!) they were an absolute steal!

I rearranged a little, moving my Instagram galley wall to this corner, after clearing out a shelving unit that was on top of that chest of drawers and just taking up space. I cleared out the chest of drawers and then everything in the shelves fit in the drawers! Hooray for decluttering! I'm not great at staging but I added my wedding card display and a few candles just to show the full effect. I need to either find a new place for the ironing board, or get a plain cream cover for it so it blends in a little better...!

Now I just need to decide what to fill them with! :)




  2. Superglue to the rescue! Fab idea x )O( x