Monday, 6 October 2014

Cheap Poundland Bedroom Decor

I am a massive advocate of spending as little as possible, and when it comes to homewares, I look no further than Poundland or Home Bargains. After my Apothecary Jar DIY for the lounge, I wanted to update the bedroom on the cheap too.

I recently bought a new set of bedding in black and cream swirls. The only reason I bought it was that we totally forgot to take bedding with us when staying in a friend's coastal chalet when we were supposed to. It was only a few quid out of Argos, but it was nice enough that it made its way into my usual bed linen rotation!

As we rent there isn't a whole lot we can do with the place so I turn to nick nacks and pictures on the wall (held up with 3M Command Strips - expensive but a god send for renters!) for a little bit of interest. I had a large bit of "artwork" on the wall in the bedroom above the bed for ages - which was actually wrapping paper! But I was getting a little bored of it and when I saw these amazing frames in Poundland, I decided it was time for a change!

I'm aware the middle one is wonky, I straightened it after the photo!!

And where did I get the artwork for in the frames? They're Poundland gift bags!! The purple snakeskin effect one came in a pack of two, so I now also have a spare gift bag (you can never have too many!) and I absolutely love the black and cream print! All 3 frames and the gift bag artwork cost a fiver all in - what a bargain! You can't really see the snakeskin on the above photo so here's a close up of both:

The only issue with Poundland frames is they are usually freestanding - ie they don't have hangy bits (technical term) for putting them on the wall. This was also the case with these frames. But fear not - there's a super easy remedy to this! Take off the freestanding bit at the back (I don't know the real name for it, but it's the bit you fold out so it stands up?) which comes off easy just with a swift rip! This is just so the frame sits a bit more flush to the wall. Then make some hangy bits (again, technical term!) with duct tape! Simply fold a bit over on itself so its not sticky (and also super strong if you fold it so it's 3 or 4 ply thick) and make a little loop, and then stick this down with more duct tape. duct tape sticks best to itself, so I like to put tape all the way around the loop, so its secured on all four sides. Then you can hang this on a Command hook easy peasy!

I also got some lovely purple scented candles, 2 for £1 and some purple tea light holders at £1 each which are now on the window ledge along with some Ikea vases that used to be in my kitchen window. I want to get some big fake purple hydrangea-style flowers for those, but the Poundland I was in today (Basingstoke) didn't have any fake flowers. That'll be a future purchase!

Now I just want to get a few purple cushions for on the bed, to tie the black, cream and purple theme together. Not bad for under a tenner and I am so pleased with those frames!

As a side note I also got this adorable weighing scale! I had been after a really basic kitchen scale for a while and this one was just too cute to pass up, and only £1?? Madness!!


  1. I love what you've done with those frames. Liam and I saw the same ones in the Leeds store on Tuesday but we didn't have any "hands" left to carry them all back on the bus lol. I've been planning the lounge out for a few weeks, trying to get the creative and spiritual look going.

    I fell in love with some frames in Wilko's, they have them in silver and gold, so wanted to grab 2 of each for a 4 set of prints Liam got me for birthday. Liam insisted we 'upgraded' the frames later ... pft!! lol party pooper! x )O( x

  2. Lovely home decor needn't cost the earth! :) xxx