Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Six Week Bootcamp - Results!

I have now finished my six week Bootcamp, as inspired by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, and it's time for the results!

When I first started, running a whole mile was very difficult for me. I'd get very wheezy quickly (I'm sure I have latent asthma to some degree, or am I just super unfit?) and found it to be a real struggle.

Now, in (very light) jog and sprint bursts, I'm up to 3.2 miles, which is around about the 5k mark (it always sounds so much more impressive in kilometres!). This takes me approximately 40 minutes, with an average pace of between 12-13 minutes per mile (sprints and jogs combined). This is a huge improvement on distance, and the amount I'm actually sprinting rather than jogging within that time.

As for changes, I have noticed a significant difference in my calves especially, with a much more defined look to them, and they look even better in heels! Hooray, short dresses!

I also think I look a lot slimmer generally, and my arms are more toned, though I have been doing some light arm weights (only 2kg dumbbells) to help with this toning along with the standard exercises in the programme.

And those all important numbers (though to me it's more how I look than what the scales say. It's a general good gauge though!). 8lbs down over the Six Weeks and looking and feeling stronger! 

I am really impressed with this HIIT programme and it really does work. I have probably lost more fat and yet gained muscle from toning exercises and becoming generally stronger, so perhaps even more fat has been lost than the scales say. I'd love to have some of those fancy scales that run a current through your body and tell your your body fat percentage! That would have been a really interesting stat to compare over the six weeks :) maybe I should upgrade! 

I'm going to keep on running now the programme has finished. I'm aiming for at least twice and ideally three times a week, and hopefully those distances will keep on improving and so will the times (and my weight!)


  1. we have a set of Tanitas, they r great for working out where ur body is fat/muscle/water wise. and u get a tracking sheet with them. there r basic a4 print outs available on google images too. have u managed to get a body analyzer since this post? x )O( x

  2. Not yet, but they are only about £20 in Argos and they're on my Christmas list! xxx