Saturday, 11 October 2014

Lamp Revamp

Having decided on a black, cream and purple scheme for the bedroom after my cheap Poundland purchases, I turned my attention to the super cheap hessian lamp that we've had for pushing 8 years. It certainly doesn't owe us anything - my husband bought it while he was at university and it just came with us when we moved into this flat 5 years ago. It was from Wilkinson so it was probably no more than a fiver!! It's cream, sure, but to try and tie everything together I thought it'd be nice to bring in a little more purple to the equation.

Bring on the Sharpie!

Unfortunately my Sharpie did give up the ghost at the very end, so I'll just need to pick up another one to finish it off, and I will probably go over all of it again just to make sure it's all even (there are a few lighter and darker bits so I think another "coat" would sort it out). But for now I will turn the not-coloured-in bit to the wall and no one will be any the wiser :)

Way cheaper than fabric paint, ties in the room with a little more purple and it was really fun to see something so basic looking turn into something a little more glam!

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