Tuesday, 3 February 2015

How Pinteresting!

I still adore Pinterest, and I still spend the vast majority of my free time sat in front of it, but I have pinned markedly less things recently and I came to realise something... I HAVE REACHED THE END OF PINTEREST. I've won the internet, like, I've completed it! Most of the pins I see now on Pinterest are things I have already seen. And most of the time I go to pin something and it warns me I have already pinned it. Ah! Past Me was just as savvy and cool and awesome as Current Me for wanting to pin such things! All I can hope for is a sudden influx of new and awesome ideas from the Pinterest community so I can continue to pin new things to my hearts content!

I have however managed to find a few little gems that I was particularly taken by in the past few weeks that I wanted to share!

This amazing oven rack is just an absolute genius idea. Why didn't I think of this?? I am always clammering for more oven space for my roasted veggies and this even gives you space to cook your dessert at the same time. For someone like me who has the tiniest of ovens, this extra space is a god send! I definitely need to invest in one of these.
From: http://www.isavea2z.com/amazon-multi-level-oven-rack-very-helpful-baking-kitchen-tool/

This simple and adorable paper bird cage would make a great wedding table decoration, or a table centrepiece for your valentines meal! I'd make one for our Valentines Day meal if my husband had an ounce of romance in him (oh and did I mention he is working nights that weekend...?) *sigh* young love...

From: http://www.dumpaday.com/genius-ideas-2/simple-craft-ideas-68-pics/
I've been doing this stretch every few nights before bed (when I remember), and I've been holding it for a good few minutes at a time. It seriously hurts for the first minute or so, and it's quite difficult to hold the pose, because my shoulders are so stiff and so rounded. I get a good few clicks out of my shoulders too while I settle into this stretch. But it becomes more and more comfortable and afterwards when you release this stretch, your shoulders are obviously more retracted and natural and it feels amazing! I can highly recommend it. Especially good if you do a lot of driving or have a desk job where your arms are pretty much constantly in front of you (typing and holding the steering wheel are terrible positions for your shoulders!)

From: http://www.primallyinspired.com/tuesday-training-exercises-to-combat-poor-posture-and-rounded-shoulders/
Some things when you see them just make so much sense, it's a serious face-palm moment of "why is this not already a thing??" This outdoor "lamp" is a solar light, stuck on a candlestick and with a lampshade on it. I mean seriously, of course it is, why wouldn't it be and why hadn't I thought of this? This is an absolute must-do for whenever I have some outside space. I can picture myself with a glass of wine on a balcony in a big old chunky knit jumper and with one of these lovely lamps for company! Perfection.

From: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/12672158/list/Light-Up-Your-Night-With-an-Easy-Outdoor-Table-Lamp

I absolutely love this idea for a "baby shower" (though I hate to use such an Americanism) or even just a house warming party where everyone gets a wooden letter, paints and embellishments, and adds their own designs. Then you're left with your baby's name (or whatever word you choose, maybe something cookery related for your kitchen or maybe "welcome" for your hallway) and it's decorated by the people you love the most! This would also be a really cute thing to do for someone's birthday or for their wedding - post everyone a letter and some supplies, get them to add their designs and write their name on the back and then present it at their wedding or housewarming as a present! Ah the ideas just keep on flowing. Pinterest sows the seeds for me and I grow the additional ideas!!

From: http://www.savvydesignwest.com/2012/07/savvy-parties-baby-shower.html?m=1

Another one of those "seriously, WTF brain why couldn't you think of this??" moments. It needs no further explanation than the picture really! It says it all! Certainly one to remember for future house decorating! 

From: http://howtobuildit.org/2013/03/10/how-to-paint-baseboards-on-carpet/

And on that note I am off to chastise my brain for being unable to think of the initial ideas!! :)

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