Friday, 20 March 2015

Finally... I've Found It!

After years and years of searching - and most likely hundreds of wasted pounds over the years - I have finally found the foundation that is absolutely perfect!!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I have so many picky caveats when it comes to finding the best foundation. I am extremely pale, which renders most foundations out of the picture instantly, as even their lightest shade is just too dark. I did mix foundations with Make Up Forever white stick foundation for a while, which kind of worked, but with the foundations being different consistencies it never really worked as well as I'd have liked. I also HATE my skin - it's very blotchy, with uneven tone, and I hate my freckles. So I want something with really full coverage, but that doesn't look cakey and too unnatural. I just want it to completely eradicate any of my natural features, so I can put back better ones, is that too much to ask? :-)

I also run very hot, and find I am always sweating from my top lip and on my chin in the summer. So foundations either need to be sweat proof, or easily re-applied without looking like I've filled in a gap. So it needs to be blendable, even after being on my face for several hours. I don't however want something that stays "damp" and looks oily and shiny - it needs to have a satin to matte finish, and not make me look oily. I also want ease of application. I really don't have time to faff around with primers and brushes and beauty blenders. I want to be able to put it on my face, spread it around, and have it look half decent.

With all that in mind, you can see why I have really struggled to find anything that fits all my requirements! Several have come close, but have fallen short on one or two points. The main ones really are the colour and the coverage, but all my pointers are very important to me as someone who is very self conscious when it comes to their skin. So, which one has finally ticked all the boxes...?

Ta da!

This is Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Alabaster! 

I've tried other Bobbi Brown foundations before, just in Boots where they give you a tiny tester. And they have all been far too dark, even the lightest shade. But I had never seen this one before and wanted to give it a go, as it seemed to be a lot lighter than any of the others I had tried. It retails at £29, which for me is very expensive, but I managed to snag one for £20 with a voucher and I have NOT looked back! It's a stick foundation, but it's not really thick like a concealer stick would be. It's very creamy! It doesn't travel too well on the face, so I just draw a whole load of war paint lines all over my face, and then smooth out in between the lines with my fingers. The whole application process takes around 60 seconds for the whole face. The coverage is fantastic, it covers over all my spot scars and the redness around my nose, and the tiny little red mark I have under my right eye which I usually use as a yard stick for foundations. It even predominantly covers my larger birthmark too! My freckles are no more, and it is a lovely matte to satin finish. It's very easy to apply more if needed if some has come off, but actually it has very good staying power. I wear it for around 16 hours a day and it needs very little touching up. I ordinarily finish it off with a little bit of powder, but for these pictures I haven't done, so you can see just the foundation on it's own. Here I am in all my pale glory! 

I've done a side view, albeit a terribly unflattering angle, so you can see that the foundation which I finished on my jaw line, is the exact same colour as my neck! This literally never happens!! Hooray for Bobbi Brown!!

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