Saturday, 15 December 2012

Day 3 - 30 Day Shred

So I have just completed my work out for Day 3 on the 30 Day Shred programme. Its the first consecutive day I have done, as I managed to fall asleep really early on Thursday (d'oh!). Let me tell you, consecutive days are HARD. You are already hurting from the previous day, so it feels like you are doubling the workload on the second day. Yesterday after Day 2 I went into London for a meal with a friend, and I had a  steak and a salad, which hopefully wont have thrown me off course too much. But the hardest thing yesterday was the stairs at the train station. Oh my goodness, I live on the other side of the tracks so had to go up AND down, and there's about 15 steps on each side I think. My calves were absolute agony, and going down them was almost impossible!! I must have looked ridiculous, hobbling down the stairs. But today my legs don't feel as bad, even after Day 3 of the work out. Maybe I am adapting already, who knows. It certainly didn't feel much easier though! But I think that was accumulative with still being a bit sore from yesterday's workout. When it gets to the cardio in Section 3 all I want to do is give up. Lying on the floor, gently rocking and crying just seems like the perfect thing to do at that moment. But I still haven't given up yet, and I aint ever gonna!! :) I'm not really going by weight loss, as a lot of the reviews have said you build muscle very quickly and the pounds lost doesn't really reflect the way your body has changed, but even so I have apparently lost 2 pounds since Wednesday - I'll take that thanks very much!! 

I'll see how I feel tomorrow and whether I can stomach a 3rd consecutive day, but if not I will certainly be doing something, whether I pop to the gym for a bit or just go for a run. I am seriously committed to this this time and I really want to make a big go of it and make it work. I can't wait to start seeing some visible changes!!

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  1. Hi again! I know, it's hard the first 5-6 days, but I swear, it gets much better :) I am not seeing results yet ( lost just 2 lbs), although I was expecting to shrink overnight, so I guess I'm not a realist ^^ I'm on day 9, by the way. I finish level one tomorrow and I can't wait for level 2. Have a nice day :)