Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Minefield that is Bra Sizing

As always, I have Pinterest to thank for this!!

Initially, I was attracted to the pin by the cool Star Trek bra but the article it links to, as it turns out, is even more interesting!

The short version is - you are most likely wearing the wrong bra size. Something like 90% of women are, without realising it. I would often find myself adjusting my bra during the day, pulling down the underwires at the sides because they were poking me, pulling down on the centre bit between the cups (apparently called a "gore"), and trying the loosest and tightest back hooks and tightest and loosest straps and just NEVER being comfortable (or feeling properly supported). After putting on a lot of weight over the last few years (gladly, now reducing!) my boobs increased dramatically in size quite quickly, and I just presumed that if I went up a back size or a cup size, they would increase together in a logical way. Apparently this is not so. So when a 36D didn't fit me any more, I'd just try a 36DD, some of which would fit ish, but still were never comfortable. I just presumed my boobs were strange, or blamed it on the fact I am fat. But reading this article made me question that and I am so glad it did!

The "scoop and swoop" method of putting your boobs into your bra is a complete revelation. It ensures you get all breast tissue into the cups, and makes the underwires sit against your body (there is a link in the above linked-to article). You basically put the bra on, lean forward bending at the waist, and then "scoop" your breast away from the back strap at the side and bring it all into the cup. When I did this in a 36DD bra - WOW. There was SO much boob overhang out of the cups, and the back size was super loose. What I had been doing was basically wearing a bra that was squishing breast tissue out the sides and this was then in turn being squashed by the the back strap. Bringing the breast fully into the cup highlighted that the cup size was WAY too small for me, and the back strap was almost gaping now it wasn't pressing against "migrated breast tissue" (a technical term!)

So I took some measurements as suggested - underneath the boobs and around the largest part of the breast. Using this calculator I then discovered that the correct size I should be wearing should be a 34F. A 34 freaking F! "There's no way my boobs are an F", I thought to myself, but it was quite clear that they didn't fit into a 36DD and with the strange increases in cup sizes compared to back sizes, I figured it was worth trying even though I never believed for a second my boobs would be an F.

So today, a 34F bra that I bought cheaply off Amazon arrived (I just got a cheap one to try on, and most high street shops don't carry such unusual sizes). It fits absolutely PERFECTLY using the scoop and swoop method! Completely fills the cup, but without any overhang, and the back size is snug but very supportive, rather than completely loose and doing nothing for me. Pulling all the breast tissue into the cups has also reduced my "back fat" rolls, which is wonderful! And of course, having all the breast int he cups has also increased the size of my breasts, in the way that they look anyway. I cannot believe I have been wearing the wrong bra size for most likely my whole bra-wearing life. I thought it was just because I had ballooned in size and had no idea what size I was meant to be any more, but it turns out that bra sizes are just way too confusing, and most people are also most likely wearing the wrong size!!

My husband was also very complimentary at the new larger and better looking (because they are supported) boobs I am now sporting! A win win situation! Seriously ladies, get out your tape measures and check out the two links above, its a complete revelation!!

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