Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

I have been trying to get hold of this foundation for yonks, but in most standard-sized Boots and Superdrug stores, the lightest colour they have is 120 (which is still very orange IMO!). I did manage to find a 115, but again it was still too dark for me, though at least not tangerine. I finally found a 110 Porcelain (the lightest possible shade) in a really big Boots store (one with the big make up counters with the orange ladies). I was really excited to get it home and try it out as I had heard really great things about it!

The colour was absolutely perfect. Here is a swatch of it spread thickly on my hand (sorry my hands are disgraceful). When smoothed out and soaked in, it was the perfect colour.

That's the problem though -  it soaks in SO much. The first layer I put on I could barely see on my face - and not in a good barely-there-makeup kind of way, more an I-don't-look-any-different kind of way. I let it dry completely and then applied another coat, very optimistically as the colour was brilliant. I was SO disappointed. The second layer was barely there either. It worked well on the parts of my face that aren't blemished, but over blemishes and uneven skin tone, it was very poor. It does however have a lovely matte finish, which ensured I didn't look shiny and looked a little smoother. 

I would call this foundation a tinted moisturiser, though perhaps without the moisturising properties. Its very easy to apply, because its very thin. I could easily slap this on with just fingers first thing in the morning to pop and get some milk so I don't look like death warmed up without putting on a much thicker and time consuming foundation, but I sure wouldn't wear it if I needed to look really good!

Its such a shame because it really is the perfect colour for me. The search continues!

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