Saturday, 4 May 2013

Peanut Butter and Honey Apple Slices

My teeth are really sensitive, but to the weirdest of things. Hot and cold - not a problem, but digestive biscuits and apples are a major no-no. I don't know why that is, and sensitive toothpaste has no effect. I don't know whether its the texture, sugar, or what. But its meant that I have avoided apples like the plague for many years because of that horrible feeling of the skin squeaking on my teeth (sure I could peel the apples, but ain't nobody got time for that!). Then I saw this "recipe" (if you can go so far as to call it that) for apple slices, peanut butter and honey:

6 Healthy Snacks to Get You Through The Day - The Daily Muse

Firstly, this made me think "ooo an apple corer, now there's a gadget I don't have (or have ever needed)". It then made me think how much I love apples in apple pie and apple crumble, and how much I also adore peanut butter and, more recently, honey. I thought, what about if I combined those things and went for warm apple slices, which would soften the apples and more importantly the skin?

So, I ordered an apple corer (as you do) which arrived today only a couple of days after ordering from Amazon, and I popped to Tesco on my way home from my parents today to pick up some apples. I opted for some nice Granny Smith's but I think I might go for some red apples next time, they just seem prettier. I already had some reduced fat peanut butter and some honey, so I Googled the best way to warm my apples through (for best - read easiest).

A few online blogs suggested microwaving, all for varying times but generally around 5 minutes. This was for a whole apple though, not sliced, so I put it in for a minute initially. Even this was too much and the apple was a bit soggy (still tasted great though). I tried again with another apple with slightly thicker slices and only 20 seconds, and it was perfect. It had that apple crumble taste and the skin was soft. After Googling the calorie content in peanut butter I opted for around a tablespoon per two slices, which was a very thin covering, rather than that in the above picture which would easily have been at least a tablespoon per slice (and its 80 odd calories for 2 tablespoons).

Then a little drizzle of honey, and you're done!

They were SO tasty, and adding up all the calories using an online calculator, a large apple into 4 slices with around 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and two teaspoons of honey comes to around 270 calories. Perfect for a breakfast, a little snack or maybe two apples for a lunch. Healthy, easy and tasty! Yum!

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