Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Writing Challenge

I stumbled upon this pin on Pinterest (I think I might be mixing my social media there...) called the 30 Day Writing Challenge. I think it's possibly aimed at slightly younger persons than myself (ie kids or teens), and with it being called "30 Day" you're meant to just do one a day (d'uh). But some of them were quite thought provoking and I had a few spare minutes this evening so I thought I'd give it a go, with a little paragraph on each. Here's the pin if you want to check that out first, Maybe give this a go yourself?

1. Basic things about yourself

I'm 26 years old, I've been married to Marty for one year and I live in Hampshire. It's a tiny little flat, but it's home. I've been working in ergonomics for 4 years now, after completing my Sports Therapy degree at the University of Hertfordshire. I like to think I'm quite crafty and creative, but in reality I'm extremely lazy and never get any of the projects I want to done!

2. Something you look forward to in the next 12 months

I'm hoping to spend a couple of days in Edinburgh next year, as cheaply as possible (of course). I can get the Megabus up there and back for only round £20 return, it's a long old poke but worth it to save the 100 odd quid extra the train would be. I am desperate to see the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, and walk down the historic Royal Mile. The castle looks beautiful too and I'm a real sucker for a pretty castle. Hopefully it will be in the first half of 2014 so not too long to wait!

3. Your day in detail

I really wish this was super interesting but as I worked from home today... it really isn't. I got up around 8 o'clock and logged into my remote work desktop pretty much straight away as I drank my coffee and dunked my breakfast biscuits. I woke Marty up at 9, who had a driving lesson at 10, and spent the rest of the day snuggled up on the sofa with my laptop (very un-ergonomic, I know...) as it was pretty chilly in the house today. I did as much work as I could face, and I then made dinner at around 5 oclock - crispy chicken fajitas, and watched some TV with Marty before getting into bed about 8. I love getting into bed really early, even if I'm still awake two hours later - just me and the laptop snuggled up in bed (Marty is a night owl and almost always stays up a lot longer than me).

4. 25 things to do before your next birthday

My next birthday isn't a big one (who cares about being 27...?) so it's not like I need to have accomplished a whole load of things to feel like I've achieved something, which I probably will do when I hit 30. The main things are to save as much money as possible, lose as much weight as possible, and do as many things as possible even if it means going on my lonesome (Marty isn't really one for enjoying leaving the house!!)

5. 3 things you like about your personality

I like to think I'm 50/50 introvert and extrovert. I'd have crazy bright hair and tattoos everywhere if my job would allow, but at the same time I abhor answering the door or calling someone on the phone. I like to think I'm a good listener - people often trust me with their problems or worries and I like to think I help them to work through them. And I'm a bit of a tomboy at heart, I love football and beer and sitting in my pants. Best of all worlds, I think?

6. Someone who does not live in your country

I absolutely love President Obama. I know that's kind of weird, as an Englishman, but I really am. The way he speaks, his ideas, his whole demeanour. I know he isn't perfect (drone strikes....) but there's just something about the man I absolutely love. I really hope he does after dinner speaking when he's done Presidenting, I'd love to catch a speech of his live someday.

7. Siblings

I have one sister, Jenny, and a brother in law called Bear (not his real name, obviously!). Absolutely love them to bits and don't get to see them anywhere near as much as I'd like!

8. 5 things from your bucket list

     a. I would love to go zorbing, I don't know why, it just looks like amazing fun to me!!
     b. I'd love to be an extra in a movie and watch it back trying to spot myself
     c. Fly in a hot air balloon - especially a really jazzy one on a cold and frosty morning
     d. See the Northern Lights - they look so beautiful and romantic in photos
     e. Renovate a house - I'd love to buy the most run down shell of a house you ever saw and just go to town!!

9. Your favourite thing to do right now

There are few better things to do than just laying on the sofa on my husband's lap while he plays with my hair and we watch crappy TV (or good TV for that matter!) Soppy but very true. Either that or eat a shit load of chocolate all in one go, like a full bar of Dairy Milk.

10. The weather

It's actually getting pretty chilly now, hooray! I absolutely love winter, cold and frosty mornings, big jumpers and hot chocolate while it lashes it down outside (or snows...!) Right now it's very windy, quite cold and rainy.

11. Something unusual

Vanilla Ice has a DIY show where he renovates and flips houses. SERIOUSLY. I'm quietly confident that it's genuinely the best thing on TV. You can watch it here on Youtube... check it out... unusual but amazing viewing!

12. Someone you miss

I don't think there is really anyone I miss a lot right now - I am always in contact with my closest friends and try to see them as often as possible. Sometimes life gets in the way but sometimes you just have to make time!

13. Someone you've always wanted to meet

Can I say Obama again, are duplicates allowed...? I'd also have loved to have met my Grandma, on my mum's side. She died before I was born but I hear she was a remarkable and wonderful lady. I unfortunately don't have any grandparents left on my side, but I have inherited 3 on Marty's side which is aces!

14. Relationship to food

Wow, bringing out the big guns now!! I really love my food, absolutely love it. I can do healthy, sure, but there's nothing better than a KFC or an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger. I wouldn't say I comfort eat so much, unless I am ill or on a serious downer. Then nothing but chocolate and Pringles will do. I am quite good at turning things down though and talking myself out of buying something. Especially as I add every little thing that I eat to My Fitness Pal app and I have set my diary to public - so I am 100% accountable (and would be embarrassed).

15. Something that excites you and fills you with joy

Just trying something new or going somewhere new, however small, really makes me happy. It might just be a new recipe I have found, or it might be a day trip out somewhere I've been meaning to go. It might be watching a new TV show and falling in love with it or trying a new craft or project. Doing new stuff makes me happy - but I also love routine, snuggling up and doing absolutely nothing!

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