Friday, 27 June 2014

How To Get White Hair

I have always loved really pale blonde, almost white hair. I was always so envious of Gwen Stefani and her amazing white locks! 

I tried bleaching my hair so many times over the years, and every time it would go bright orange. And I would panic, and dye over it with a semi permanent brown. Then a few months later, I would try again...

I then discovered toner! There are some good toners on the market, but a lot of them are pretty expensive and if you leave them on even for just a couple of seconds too long, you can end up with PURPLE HAIR! Which would be awesome if I didn't have to look professional and have "boring" hair! 

But over the years of trying everything, I have found the PERFECT way to get very light, almost white hair!

Firstly you need Jerome Russell B Blonde bleach and developer. You buy the packets of bleach and developer separately, in either 30% or 40% volume. If your hair is very dark brown or black, you'll want to use the 40% to get a good lift but for lighter browns the 30% is absolutely fine. All it does it strip the colour from your hair, so once you get to the peachy orangey level, the bleach itself isn't going to lift it much higher. And the 40% is seriously strong, and can make your hair really weak, so if you can get away with the 30%, definitely use that!! Mix the packets with the bleach, 1 for 1, and slather all over your hair (or just the roots if it's a touch up). After the bleaching...

That's when this amazing little toner comes in. It's only £1.49 from Superdrug!  After bleaching your hair, towel dry it, and then slather this stuff on. The Cool Blonde is much better than the Honey Blonde for getting rid of brassiness. I use a whole bottle after bleaching, and then a little bit every couple of washes just to keep it looking white and not brassy. You can leave this stuff on for a good 10 minutes with no fear of it going purple, and it really does work, way better than any expensive toner I have ever used before!

After using this toner, really slather on the conditioner. I use Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Repair because the bleach does make my hair brittle and pretty weak. This stuff sorts it right out! 

You can also buy silver shampoo which keeps the brassiness away, but I find that this little toner is all I need! And it lasts a good few washes, and out of each bottle (after the initial full bottle application) you get 3/4 washes out of it, which really isn't bad for £1.49!! Hooray for white hair!  

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