Friday, 27 June 2014

Nectar Points = Free Photos!

I love having real photographs - having them on your phone or your computer is all well and good, but I like to display them and it's so much nicer to hand someone a stack of photos than just to hand them your phone!

The way I get my photos printed pretty much for FREE every time is to use my Nectar points. I don't use Nectar shops very often - I may occasionally pop into a Sainsbury's, but I do on some occasions use a BP garage and I also have my Nectar card linked to my eBay account - so you can accumulate points without really thinking about it too much.

After my cousin's wedding at the weekend, I'd amassed about 12 photos that I really wanted to be printed out. I do have a colour printer and photo paper but the quality is so much better when printed professionally, and to be honest - if you do it this way - miles cheaper too!

I had accumulated £6 worth of Nectar points and traded them in on the website for vouchers. Photobox delivery is £2.95, which left me with just over £3 of free photos. I got all12 printed for free, and delivered for free. Now I just need to find the white blu-tac that I've misplaced and I can add them to my Instagram gallery wall!

You can also get a lot of photos printed for free when you sign up to a new site for the first time. I got a whole load of photos printed for free by singing up to Truprint and Kodak. Check out this great list of all the sites you can get free photos from - and don't forget it's per customer - so you can sign up in your significant other's name too and get double the amount free :)

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