Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Six Week Bootcamp - Will I Get Past Day 1?!

By now you probably know that:

a) I will give anything a go
b) I'm desperate to lose weight
but c) I'm really lazy and hard work sucks

Today I tried the Six Week Bootcamp I blogged about yesterday for the first time. It's meant to be suitable for anyone and any ability, but apparently not for idiots!

I started with my warm up. They suggest a 5 minute jog or walk, so I picked jogging to the park as I needed the space there for the sprints.

I set my interval timer app for the sprints - they said 5 30-60 second sprints with 1-2 minute breaks. I opted for the shortest sprint of 30 seconds and the longest break of 2 minutes as I'm pretty unfit and though I can jog for a while, sprinting is not my forte. After the first 2 sprints I was feeling good and thought maybe a minute would have been enough rest, but by the fifth sprint my legs were wobbly and giving way, and I was so grateful of my two minutes. This is high impact, and little periods of effort which is perfect for me.

My Sexy Trainers!

After finishing my last sprint I debated doing my sets of exercises in the park, but thought I would do a light jog back home to do them in the comfort of my living room (and with the electric fan on - it's roasting hot today). THIS WAS AN EPIC MISTAKE. After the sprinting had already tired me out and depleted my energy, the jog back home actually made me feel really faint. Like, collapsing faint. I was dripping buckets of sweat and my vision was a bit blurry. I collapsed in a heap on the sofa and cooled down with the fan. After about 10 minutes and downing a pint of water, I seemed alright again.

So I decided to try the exercises, but I was so weak I only managed to do half the intended amount of each. Even though I felt fine, I was completely devoid of energy. The jog back home really scuppered me and I think having to have that 10 minute break of complete inactivity won't have helped the fat burning potential of the exercises. 

So, I'm having a break tomorrow to do a workout DVD and will try the Bootcamp again on Friday and this time I will follow it TOO THE LETTER and not be all blasé about how easy it's going to be after the sprints!! 

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